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AIO Christmas Listening Party!

Saturday, December 18, 2021 @ 12:00 pm Pacific Time

Join us for our 4th annual LIVE Adventures in Odyssey listening party in celebration of Christmas! Enjoy chatting with other fans as we all listen through episodes from AIO, all themed around the snowy, wintery holiday! (See episode list below)

Join us in the chatroom using the navigation bar above or open Odyssey Chat (https://odyssey.chat) in a different tab or an IRC chat client (connection info in FAQ below).

Make a day of it or join whenever is convenient for you! Whether you're listening while wrapping gifts, baking Christmas treats, or snuggling up with a blanket and hot chocolate, we're here to get you into the Christmas spirit!

This year's event is dedicated to Will Ryan (1949-2021). We miss you!

Episode List

  1. Back to Bethlehem (1-3)
  2. It's a Pokenberry Christmas (1-2)
  3. A Time for Christmas
  4. The Barclay Family Ski Vacation
  5. Grandma's Christmas Visit
  6. Like Father, Like Son
  7. B-TV: Redeeming the Season
  8. Peace on Earth
  9. Ice Fishing
  10. The Living Nativity
  11. Gifts for Madge and Guy
  12. A Christmas Conundrum
  13. The Star (1-2)
  14. The Reluctant Rival
  15. A Lamb's Tale
  16. Unto Us A Child Is Born
  17. Monty's Christmas
  18. Snow Day

(Episodes will be played in listing order – Come early for music!)


  • 12:00 pm — Pacific
  • 1:00 pm — Mountain
  • 2:00 pm — Central
  • 3:00 pm — Eastern
  • 4:00 pm — Atlantic
  • 8:00 pm — GMT
  • 9:00 pm — GMT+1

Help and FAQ

Do I need Facebook or an account?

Nope! We created our custom live player specifically so you don't need an account to listen and be part of the experience!

To join the chat you'll have to choose a temporary nickname (username) to represent you, but there's no account creation or any personal information required.

I feel like my stream is out of sync

If you'd like to make sure your stream is absolutely live and "in sync", it's very easy! Just press the stop button in the player, wait a second, then press play again. Voilà! You're back to being as live as it gets.

The player and/or chat aren't loading properly

Scroll down and expand the "Options and About" section. There you can reset the player and the chat which will fix most issues.

Why did my nick/username get a number added to it?

This usually happens because someone already has the same name that you attempted to use and the system added a number so you could connect with a different name.

If you'd like to change your name, type /nick Newname into the chat (where "Newname" is your new name choice).

I keep getting disconnected from chat

This is likely because you're using a mobile device and either you're switching apps or turning off the screen periodically. Some devices will try to save battery power by putting unused tabs to "sleep" and this causes the chat to sometimes disconnect until you reopen the chat.

The best solution is to either join Odyssey Chat using a dedicated IRC client app on your mobile device, or use a laptop/desktop computer to join the chat.

We recommend IRCCloud as it works across platforms, but you can use any IRC client of your choice. Connection details are included below.

How do I connect to Odyssey Chat with an IRC client?

The connection information to join the chat with an IRC client application is:

Hostname: irc.odyssey.chat
Port: 6697
Secure/SSL connection: Yes

If you have problems with the secure connection, use an insecure connection on port 6667.

What is Odyssey Moments?

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