Rose Beasley

Creator of Odyssey Moments

Rose started Odyssey Moments in 2015 on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. as a way to share her love for Adventures in Odyssey. “I didn’t want to create another ‘AIO news’ page, there are plenty of those already.” Rose recalls. “I wanted something a bit more original and a little more fun and really, just whatever I felt like sharing. Long story short, it instantly turned into an AIO meme page, full of fan-art features and quotes!” Across all three social platforms, Odyssey Moments has a combined follow count of over 3,800! With her largest following being on Instagram. Rose prides herself in being the first page to feature AIO memes, most of which she came up with herself!

Emma Wold

Illustrator of character art

Emma is a 21 year old artist and aspiring animator/character designer originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has been a lover of Adventures in Odyssey since 11 years old, and has been an active Odyssey fan-artist since 2014. Emma is best known for her works depicting Odyssey’s residential genius, Eugene Meltsner. In her free time, she can be found sleeping, writing, scrolling through social media, sleeping, and occasionally, drawing. And did I mention sleeping? Emma plans to pursue a degree in animation and is excited, if not extremely anxious, about the road ahead! — Follow Emma on Instagram!

Matthew Bird

Website and technical support

Matthew is a silly young person featuring good looks, rad hair, and a bad stomach. Proudly First Nations, he comes from the sub-arctic region of Canada in a small town in the middle of nowhere but now resides in Vancouver BC. While looking for things to do, he discovered web design and spent many hours learning and cultivating his skills in that field. When he isn’t doing computery stuff you can find Matthew kayaking on a river, behind a microphone recording podcasts, having little adventures wherever he can, or making music of some kind. He’s a little lost in life right now, but that’s alrighty. — Visit Matthew’s website or follow Matthew on Instagram!

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